Farmhouse B&B Style Leesburg Bash with Fire Pits and Food Trucks

Coco and Matthew were married at a quaint bed & breakfast in Leesburg, VA

Hanging out in the bridal lounge waiting to get the day started, our charming bride let her bridesmaids know she wasn’t sharing the champagne. Sorry, ladies!

All the bridesmaids celebrate with her anyway in their soft blue robes, the collars highlighted with a punch of color, and the first letter of their names printed in gold on the front left of each robe.

The gentleman toasted with some whiskey and rum wishing their dear friend the happiest of journeys in his new path of love. They wanted to have fun and tell stories that they wouldn’t be able to tell during the reception.

The groomsmen wore orange ties and dark blue suits with white dress shirts.

Our bride’s details included golden accents such as a golden clutch sequin bag, golden & pearl necklace, and a pair of gold earrings. Something old, something new; she sat and reflected on what each piece meant and why it was so special to have this collection for her wedding day.

Under the gazebo, the couple chose to display their guest book with a unique spin. As each guest came around to find their seat, they were asked to snap a polaroid and replace their hanging tag with it. Now when the couple looks back at the day, they will see each of their guests’ smiling faces just as they smiled when the ceremony began.

They chose to keep the wedding party numbers limited because everyone needed a moment in front of the camera and to feel special.

After being pronounced husband and wife, the couple did what they always do to seal the deal - and Eskimo kiss! It has been a special point of significance for their relationship, and this was not an opportunity they would miss.

Our bride’s dress was a class white, simple yet elegant and flowing with a low V-neck accented by lace at the waistline. Her bouquet was an extension of her personality - eclectic, unique, and full of life with a pop of joyous colors in bright orange, yellow, purple, and shades of red.

With their parents, the couple took a few family photos and welcomed each other with open arms as the two families were now one.

Enjoying the beautiful weather and the open skies, the couple was so happy it worked in their favor to use their childhood home for such a monumental occasion.

Each detail was put into place for them to cherish on this day and for all the days they would return here to visit. They would remember what they did, where they were, and when the time is right, they will share it all with future generations to come.

The catering included astro doughnuts and fried chicken. Rito Loco was onsite with their food truck and an assortment of Mexican food. The couple enjoyed every moment of the celebration. They laughed. They cried, and in the end, they didn’t realize how much fun they had just being themselves.

Giggling into each other’s eyes the day ended with magic. But for our magical couple, the Eskimo kiss made it feel like every other day their love has grown and blossomed through the years.

Congratulations to our newlyweds!



Rito Loco:

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken: