the bare essentials

starting at $1,650

from the moment you select your vendors


fall/winter 2020     $2,350


starting at $3,250

from the moment you select your venue


fall 2020  –  spring 2021    $4,820


starting at $4,650

from the moment you select your forever & always


  fall 2020  –  spring 2021   $5,820


enjoy a 10% discount

  • off-peak dates

  • hotel or preferred venues

  • junior planners

  • < 60 days out


starting at $500 per month

  • unlimited phone & email

  • price comparisons and detailed reports

  • recommendations and connections

  • fully remote


custom pricing

  • over 30 miles from DC

  • in-person and remote meetings

  • can be supplemented to above package needs


starting at $1200*


starting at $500*


starting at $900*


starting at $5 each*


starting at $1800*

welcome bags/BASKETS

starting at $50 each*

combine services for
even more discounts!

*supplemental to planning services. package inclusions and partner availability varies; ask for details


The team of planners here at Lily & Grayson are passionate, dedicated, and influential leaders of the events industry, accomplished in the art of personalized and unique celebrations.  


With over 100 weddings in the D.C. area under our belt over the past 4 years, we bring you wisdom from all areas of experience:


  • Budget-conscious

  • Glitz & glamour

  • Odes to a hometown

  • Cultural traditions

  • Religious practices

  • Offbeat & unconventional

  • On-point, on-trend

  • Culinary adventurism

  • LGBTQ ceremonies

  • Vow renewals

Meenal & Scott

"I have no experience planning a wedding and initially I was anxious to hear back a bit more promptly but I came to realize that the team had it all under control and whenever decisions had to be made, they were on top of it. The face to face meetings closer to the wedding were very helpful and that's when a lot of the decisions were finalized. She even helped calm us down and always made it clear what information she needed from us etc.


On the wedding day I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The decorations, food and the flow of events was exactly what we had discussed and in some cases much better than I could have imagined. We are so grateful to them for their hard work and would certainly recommend."

Meredith & Greg

"We only had three months to plan an entire wedding for 100 people... they were fantastic and accommodating, and we were able to customize what we wanted within the package. Everything was beautiful and went as perfect as I could have hoped!"

Kelly & Zack

"Such a pleasure to work with and we felt like we had the absolute dream day because of [her] professionalism and responsiveness. I was so appreciative of their generosity and willingness to put in some time to make my whole weekend easier. Would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone!"

Tony &

"...Our big day came and was absolutely unforgettable in the best way. The team went above and beyond to give us an amazing wedding. We were pleasantly surprised. She was there throughout the entire planning process and she was there for us throughout the entire wedding day, from start to finish."

Tel: 202-643-2486

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